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Are you tired of feeling stuck in patterns of behavior that hold you back from achieving your goals? Are you ready to embrace your power within and become a changemaker in your life, career, or business? Look no further than Self Leadership Mindset Map.

This innovative personalised map utilizes astrology, tarot, and the Stages of Self methodology to show you exactly how to overcome patterns of behaviour that are preventing you from accessing your full potential and making an impact in your life, career or business. It is the all-important first step into the mindset needed for self-empowerment and self-leadership.

With Self Leadership Mindset Map, you'll gain the clarity and self-awareness needed to develop a strong personal growth mindset and lead yourself through any emotional challenge.


It's Time to Develop A Leadership Mindset

With Self Leadership Mindset Map, you'll learn how to stop tiptoeing around your wants, needs, desires, and dreams. You'll embrace radical self-love and self-empowerment, which will allow you to develop a strong mindset needed for personal and professional success.


Personalised Report detailing your own unique Stages of Self printed & delivered to your door


Personalised Mindset Map with step by step instructions to guide you through your emotional challenges


Bonus: Four weeks of voice support to help you integrate the information

The Self Leadership Mindset Map helps you understand your emotional cycles and how to transform your sense of self. This report is designed to help you build emotional intelligence and emotional wellbeing, which are critical components of leading yourself to personal and professional success.

Don't let your emotional cycles hold you back any longer. Embrace your power within and access your full potential with Self Leadership Mindset Map. Take the first step towards self-leadership and transform your life, career, or business today.

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Build Emotional Intelligence and Wellbeing

You feel it in your bones, don't you? That longing for something more, that yearning for a better life. But those old habits and barriers keep holding you back, trapping you in a cycle of disempowerment.

I've walked that path too, my friend. I've experienced those same longing that compelled me to delve deep into the realm of self-help and emotions. With over 10 years of mentoring experience and a foundation in emotional intelligence, I've crafted a unique methodology that helps us navigate our innermost feelings with clarity and purpose. I promise you that MellyS is where actionable mentoring meets emotional and spiritual growth.


Together, we can overcome those barriers and transform your life with my proven Stages of Self methodology. You have the strength within you, and I am here to guide you every step of the way. Trust in yourself, trust in me, and together, we can create the impact you are destined for.


Melly Stewart's visionary approach to personal growth and emotional wellbeing has become a movement dedicated to self-empowering women to intentially access their full potential, lead change, and create an impact in their lives, careers, and businesses.


Through her #1 best-selling methodology, Stages of Self, Melly provides a roadmap for emotional growth and transformation. She offers mindset and business mentoring, creative writing, online programs and community support to guide women on this journey of self-leadership.


Her unwavering commitment to revolutionize the way women see themselves has inspired thousands to stop tiptoeing around their wants, needs, desires, and dreams and fully embrace the power within.

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Self-Leadership Mindset Map
  • Personalised Report detailing your own unique Stages of Self

  • Personalised Mindset Map with step by step instructions

  • Physically printed and delivered to your door

  • PDF version included via Google Drive

  • Bonus: Four weeks of voice support to help you integrate the information

Self-Leadership Mindset Map: $222 AUD

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