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Self-Empowerment & Self-Love Curated Playlists


Embrace Your Stages of Self: Curated Playlists for the Feminine Journey

Welcome to a path of self-discovery that unlocks happiness from within. These curated playlists aren't just a collection of songs; they're your companions on a transformative journey through the "Stages of Self" framework, designed to help you navigate the emotional, mental, and spiritual cycles inherent in the feminine way of life.

Meet Your Four Feminine Empowerment Archetypes

Within you lies a wellspring of joy waiting to shine. Our playlists connect you with four key archetypes within the Stages of Self framework, guiding you through the natural cycles of the feminine experience:

These archetypes are more than just labels – they're companions who have guided countless individuals, myself included, on incredible journeys of self-discovery. Let these companions guide you on your path to creating happiness from within by accepting and celebrating the current stage of your feminine cycle.

Explore the Playlists Below: Each playlist is meticulously crafted with anthems and lyrics that resonate with each archetype, inspiring you to accept your current stage of self and flow through it once more.


Ready to embark? Find your playlist, discover what Stage of Self you are currently in, and embrace your magic!



Untethered Creator: Activate the Spark Within

Unleash your inner Untethered Creator. This playlist crackles with electric energy, urging you to break free from fear. With anthems celebrating new beginnings and your best life yet, these songs will fuel your creative spark. It's time to write your story. 



Nurturing Devotee: Bloom From Within

Embrace the Nurturing Devotee within. This playlist whispers self-love anthems, reminding you that your heart and soul deserve devotion.  Forgive yourself, let go, and find beauty in your softness. It's time to prioritize your needs and feelings.



Disruptive Warrior: Fuel the Fire Within

Unleash your inner Disruptive Warrior!  This playlist ignites the fire within, channeling anger into action with anthems that burn bright. Rise from the ashes, stronger and more driven, with lyrics that echo the #stagesofself.  Get ready to transform - this is your story, #mellysthestorycollector.



Solitary Sovereign: Rise of the Leader Within

Conquer your inner demons & rise as the Solitary Sovereign you were meant to be. With anthems fit for a queen, these songs guide you through the dark, igniting the power within so you can face your fears, claim your crown, & rewrite your story. 


Meet Melly

Shift Your Mindset, Cultivate Your Confidence & Create the Life You Crave with Melly

Forget fleeting moments of happiness – Melly guides you deeper, cultivating your confidence and revealing a powerful truth: your fulfillment lies not in some far-off destination, but in the impact you make along the journey.

Melly, your Empowerment Mentor, transcends fleeting trends. She guides you to self-empowerment as you unlock your full potential with the unique "Stages of Self" methodology. This practical yet intuitive approach unveils the four powerful feminine archetypes within you, revealing your strengths and unlocking unshakeable confidence. By bridging the gap between self-discovery and concrete action, Melly helps you translate insights into tangible results that empower you to thrive both personally and professionally.

With her guidance, your stories become your roadmap to success, your dreams become achievable goals, and your purpose unfolds into a life overflowing with passion and fulfillment. Are you ready to embrace your magic and create the life you crave?

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