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Your 90 Day Journey to Magnetising Your Purpose

Are you a Heart-led Changemaker, driven by an unwavering desire to make a profound and enduring impact on the world? Do you find yourself navigating a landscape cluttered with superficial strategies, feeling the weight of compromise on your deeply held values and passions? 

Sustaining a meaningful mission can be challenging, often leaving you questioning your ability to maintain the impact you aspire to create. The delicate balance between making a difference and achieving business growth can feel like an uphill battle, leaving you overwhelmed and unsure of your path.

Welcome to an extraordinary transformational experience meticulously crafted for every individual who steps forward. Sacred Leader is here to address these challenges head-on, providing practical guidance, strategies and tangible actions to authentically magnetise clients to your mission while aligning your business growth with your passion and purpose.

Stages of Self Diagnostic

Stage 1 starts with a Stages of Self Diagnostic to uncover the inner stories that may be holding you back from achieving the lifestyle of your dreams. This assessment will also reveal how these narratives impact your business growth.

MellyS Exclusive Tarot

You'll gain a profound understanding of your unique magic with an exclusive MellyS Purpose Tarot Reading. This will provide valuable insights to uncover your target audience and the unique ways in which you can assist them.

Leadership Astrology

Discover your identity as a sacred leader as it is written in the stars and gain insights into your path to making a lasting impact. A Leadership Astrology Reading, reveals how you can navigate your journey towards true impact.

Stage 1: Amplify Your Magic

Embark on your transformative journey with Sacred Leader as you delve deep into the recesses of your inner self, uncovering the profound core of your passion and purpose, and amplifying the unique magic that lies dormant within. Experience an exhilarating surge of energy as you unlock your true potential, eagerly poised to share your newfound brilliance with the world. This stage of the journey is about liberating your inner potential and rewriting the narratives that have held you back so you can experience the inner strength that comes with an unshakable confidence in your purpose. 

Client Psychological Analysis

Stage 2 begins with a journey through the various stages of the buyer awareness cycle, providing insights into your client's decision-making processes, emotional triggers, and the factors that drive their choices.

Client Demographic Story


Craft a comprehensive narrative that paints a vivid picture of your ideal clients. This forms the foundation for effectively connecting with and serving your target audience, making your message resonate effortlessly with those you are destined to help.

Psychographic Cheat Sheet

This cheat sheet will be a treasure trove of insights, capturing your clients pain points, goals, values, motivations, and more. It's like having a secret guide to their hearts and minds, enabling you to tailor your approach with precision.

Stage 2: Client Connection

Next, we dive deep into the art of connecting with your clients' by understanding their stories. Imagine stepping into their shoes, and understanding their desires, fears, and dreams. Your senses will awaken to the heartbeat of your audience, enabling you to craft offerings that truly resonate with those you are destined to serve. By exploring the psychology of your audience, their needs, desires, and motivations become an open book before you, allowing you to craft offerings that resonate deeply with their hearts and minds. See your business becoming a beacon of irresistible value so you can attract your audience like a magnet.

The Sacred Leader program is currently at full capacity, but the magic doesn't stop here. Be among the first to know when vacancies open up again by joining the waitlist today. 

Unique Selling Position

Stage 3 begins with developing your unique selling position, tailored specifically to resonate with your client demographic story. This refined message serves as the cornerstone for your online presence including website and social media.

Service & Program Offerings


To support the seamless delivery of your service and program offerings, we create essential materials such as workbooks, templates, and resources, enabling you to provide exceptional value to your clients every step of the way.

Implementation Strategy

This action plan serves as your roadmap, keeping you focused on the essential steps needed to bring your entire vision to life. From strategic planning to hands-on implementation, you are guided and supported every step of the way.

Stage 3: Strength of Foundations

In this transformative stage, your journey's magic takes on a tangible form. Picture your business as a seed of potential, requiring its roots to delve deep into the earth before it can reach for the sun of exponential growth. These roots are the bedrock, the very foundation upon which your business's growth relies. These systems, meticulously rooted and nurtured, serve as the lifeblood of your journey. They offer stability and strength, liberating you to focus on what truly matters—making a meaningful impact in harmony with your purpose. With these robust roots firmly in place, your growth is not just supported; it's deeply anchored, enabling you to reach even greater heights. Remember, your business can only ascend as high as the strength of its foundations allows.

Presenting Your Purpose

Your online presence serves as the canvas on which we present your purpose. Through captivating storytelling, your audience will connect with your brand on a deeper level, making them not just clients but loyal supporters.

Amplified Marketing


We don't stop at mere visibility; we amplify your message and impact through carefully designed paid marketing strategies. These strategies are like megaphones, ensuring your voice is heard by a broader and more targeted audience.

Co-Creating A Legacy

By involving those you serve in the evolution of your brand, you not only strengthen your connection, you set the stage for a legacy that transcends generations. This co-creative process is the heart behind leaving a legacy of impact that stands the test of time.

Stage 4: Magnetise Your Purpose

We finalise our journey by stepping up as a Sacred Leader, crafting strategies and approaches that naturally and effortlessly draw people towards your offerings, showcasing the way forward through your own actions. It's about creating a magnetic presence that deeply resonates with your audience, making them feel truly seen and understood. This transformation turns you into a powerful magnet, irresistibly pulling in those who resonate with your mission. Beyond attention, it's about building meaningful connections that lead to lasting relationships, all in service of your greater purpose and the leadership role you're destined to embrace.

The Sacred Leader program is currently at full capacity, but the magic doesn't stop here. Be among the first to know when vacancies open up again by joining the waitlist today. 


Are you ready to embark on a transformative 90-day journey with Sacred Leader? This is not just a mentoring program; it's a hands-on, actionable support program where I bring all my skills and knowledge to the table. In Stage 1, "Amplify Your Purpose," we'll unlock your unique magic, liberate your inner potential, and set the foundation for your success. In Stage 2, "Client Connection," we'll dive deep into understanding your audience and crafting offerings that resonate effortlessly. Stage 3, "Strength of Foundations," is all about building robust systems for exponential growth. Finally, in Stage 4, "Magnetize Your Purpose," we'll help you step up as a leader by creating a magnetic presence that draws people naturally to your offerings. If you're ready to make a profound impact and leave a lasting legacy, let's embark on this journey together. Your purpose-driven transformation starts now.

Here's an expanded list of inclusions for the Sacred Leader 90-Day Program:

  1. Personalized Business Mentoring: Tailored strategic guidance and support for navigating your unique business journey.

  2. Mindset & Lifestyle Mentoring: A structured approach to unlocking your full potential and amplifying your business's purpose.

  3. Comprehensive Design & Implementation Support: Melly provides comprehensive assistance, drawing upon her diverse skillset and experiences, including graphic design, copywriting, website development, social media content creation, and more.

  4. Accountability with Implementation Strategy: A structured approach to ensuring accountability and executing strategic plans effectively.

  5. Client Psychodemographic Profiling: In-depth audience analysis and the development of resonant service offerings based on client psychological and demographic data.

  6. Business Positioning: Strategic brand development and positioning for clear and aligned communication.

  7. Service & Program Development: Crafting and optimizing services and programs to meet client needs.

  8. Foundational Systems: Establishment of a robust business infrastructure, including organized data management and efficient resource access.

  9. Delivery Templates: Customized document templates, email protocols, and automated workflows to enhance the value of your offerings.

  10. Website Development: Enhancing your online presence through optimized websites, informative blogs, and professional graphics.

  11. Marketing Strategy: Expanding market reach through advanced and targeted marketing strategies.

  12. Social Media Content Creation: Strategically managing and creating engaging content for your social media profiles.

This comprehensive program provides a wide range of professional services, covering foundational business elements to advanced marketing strategies, all designed to elevate your business with expert guidance and hands-on support throughout the journey.

The Sacred Leader program is currently at full capacity, but the magic doesn't stop here. Be among the first to know when vacancies open up again by joining the waitlist today. 


Melly Stewart, known as The Story Collector, is a trailblazer with a visionary approach to personal and business growth. With a unique blend of personal development, business acumen, and digital marketing expertise she offers far more than a mere shift in mindset. Melly’s services extend a guiding hand to women navigating the complex and interconnected terrains of personal and business growth, providing support to align their inner stories with their actions for tangible results. 

At the heart of Melly's transformative work lies her best-selling methodology, "Stages of Self," a pioneering framework that unveils the four Empowerment Archetypes residing within us all. These archetypes take you on an extraordinary journey, where self-imposed limitations are redefined, stories seamlessly evolve into actionable strategies, and your inner magic is gracefully amplified.

As you embark on this transformative journey with Melly, you'll discover that your purpose is not just a destination but a way of life—an inner leader waiting to be awakened, a story of strength and passion longing to be told, and a legacy of lasting change yearning to become reality.

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Sacred Leader: 90 Day Business Development & Support

  • Personalised Business Mentoring

  • Mindset & Lifestyle Mentoring

  • Comprehensive Design & Implementation Support

  • Accountability with Implementation Strategy

  • Client Psychodemographic Profiling

  • Business Positioning

  • Service & Program Development

  • Foundational Systems

  • Personalised Service Delivery Templates

  • Website Development

  • Marketing Strategy

  • Social Media Content Creation

$5,500 AUD. Payment Plans Available.

The Sacred Leader program is currently at full capacity, but the magic doesn't stop here. Be among the first to know when vacancies open up again by joining the waitlist today. 

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