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Let's be honest, sometimes life just gets in the way. 


Whether it is that full-time job that keeps pulling on your time, the crazy demands of family, or friends who are negative about your dreams of a better future - this constant pull on your energy and time can drag you down and make your self-doubt take hold of your confidence.

You know there is a better life waiting for you, that you are destined for more. But you’re feeling incredibly frustrated and disappointed that it's just not happening! Even though you have a lot of excitement and enthusiasm to 'get there', nothing actually seems to stick long term.

That's where Sorceress Life Mentoring comes in — by combining the exclusive Stages of Self methodology and 1:1 Mentoring support, we help you achieve the life that you truly desire through a process that teaches you how to recognize and overcome patterns of behavior holding you back from fulfilling your potential.

Together we get your life sorted, inside and out, so you can awaken to the fullness of you. 

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By combining mentoring, intuition, tarot reading, and my expertise in emotional intelligence, I can help you sort out your life, so that you can walk your path with confidence while also learning how to navigate the emotional subconscious stories that make you slip back into old habits. This is more than just woo-woo. This is actionable mentoring. 

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11 Weekly One-to-One

Online Mentoring Sessions to guide your journey

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Downloadable 20 page personalised map detailing your emotional landscape

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24/7 Voice Support so you have a safe space to process your feelings as they come up

Together we create a deeply transformative space, giving you the clarity and insight to move forward with ease while making lasting changes that support the life you are creating.

In just under 3 months, you will learn how to navigate your own needs, explore how your story affects your life and uncover the power inside of you so that you can live a life in line with your greatest gifts and talents.

You deserve to experience the magic and happiness of living the life you are destined for. Click to apply for your free mentoring assessment today. 


With the crazy ups and downs of life, it can be hard to come back again and again, and even harder when that internal voice keeps pulling you down. And yet, despite the setbacks, your courageous heart keeps begging for you to move forward.

I have been there too! It was (many) experiences like this that prompted me to figure 'it' out and study self-help and emotions. With my 10+ years Mentoring experience and background in emotional intelligence, I've developed a unique self-help methodology that maps out our innermost feelings (without getting lost them) so we can finally find the strength and determination to fulfill our potential. 


You know it. I know it. There is a better life waiting for you. You know you are destined for more. But it needs to happen on multiple levels for it to stick because you've tried this before (many times!). My promise is that MellyS mentoring is where actionable mentoring meets emotional and spiritual growth. So if you're ready to awaken to the fullness of all you are capable of, then apply for your free mentoring assessment today. 

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Meet Melly

Melly Stewart is on a mission to make the emotional cycles we experience, on our journey to self-empowerment, normal. So that instead of fearing their power over us—we can embrace it and use its energy to fulfill our true potential in life, career, or business. 

Creator of the #1 Best-Selling emotional intelligence methodology, Stages of Self, Melly's passion is teaching people to express their true selves and live lives that are aligned with their inner power. Through her Online Community, Mentoring and Books, Melly supports hundreds of people every week on their journey to self-empowerment—helping them to stop tiptoeing around their wants, needs, desires and dreams and finally take the steps that will empower them to take charge of their life.

Since becoming a mother to a sensitive and strong-willed daughter, Melly’s resolve has only strengthened more as she has begun to see the generational impact of her work, playing out in real-time.

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  • 11 Weekly One-to-One Online Mentoring Sessions to support you on your journey

  • Downloadable 20 page personalised map detailing your emotional landscape

  • 24/7 Voice Support so you have a safe space to process your feelings as they come up

  • Stop getting lost in your emotions with the exclusive Stages of Self methodology

  • Feel more confident and in control with your own Emotions Map

  • Create actionable solutions to achieving your wants, needs, desires & dreams

Sorceress Life Mentoring: $2,200 AUD

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