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Self-Empowerment Through Intuition, Passion, Joy & Community


Embrace Your Journey of Wellbeing, Happiness & Confidence with the She Does Not Tip Toe Community

Are you ready to stop tiptoeing around your wants, needs, desires and dreams? She Does Not Tip Toe is your invitation to step into your power and ignite your journey of self-discovery, unlocking well-being, happiness, and confidence. We are a welcoming community of spiritually minded individuals who have embarked on a path of personal growth, fueled by the wisdom of tarot, astrology, and the transformative power of sharing our stories.


Step into a vibrant community where like-minded individuals celebrate your victories and share your journey. Discover the transformative power of belonging as you offer support, receive encouragement, and share your experiences.


Daily Journal Prompts

Spark your inner wisdom with daily prompts designed to tap into the potent energy of the week and keep you aligned with your highest self, fostering a growth mindset and igniting your passion.


Soulful Storytelling & Sharing

Share your experiences, challenges, and victories in a safe and supportive space. Learn from each other's journeys, offer compassionate support, and build deeper connections that go beyond the surface, boosting your self-esteem and motivation.


Weekly Live Tarot Readings

Get a glimpse into the cosmic dance of the universe, delivered with insightful interpretations that empower you to navigate your unique path with confidence. Melly doesn't just decode cards; she translates them into actionable steps for positive change.


Monthly Taboo Conversations

Dive deep into honest and open discussions about the unspoken topics that often hold us back, fostering a space of vulnerability, connection, and shared growth, all contributing to your overall wellbeing and happiness.

Ready to step out of the shadows and into the light? Join She Does Not Tip Toe today and embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery with your community by your side, unlocking a path to greater well-being, happiness, and confidence.


Meet Melly

Shift Your Mindset, Cultivate Your Confidence & Create the Life You Crave with Melly

Forget fleeting moments of happiness – Melly guides you deeper, cultivating your confidence and revealing a powerful truth: your fulfillment lies not in some far-off destination, but in the impact you make along the journey.

Melly, your Empowerment Mentor, transcends fleeting trends. She guides you to self-empowerment as you unlock your full potential with the unique "Stages of Self" methodology. This practical yet intuitive approach unveils the four powerful feminine archetypes within you, revealing your strengths and unlocking unshakeable confidence. By bridging the gap between self-discovery and concrete action, Melly helps you translate insights into tangible results that empower you to thrive both personally and professionally.

With her guidance, your stories become your roadmap to success, your dreams become achievable goals, and your purpose unfolds into a life overflowing with passion and fulfillment. Are you ready to embrace your magic and create the life you crave?

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Ready to Connect with Like-Minded Soul-Seekers on a Journey of Self-Discovery? Join She Does Not Tip Toe Today & Let's Journey Together.
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