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Are you feeling stuck? Is your life lacking direction? Getting frustrated that you just can't move through the 'thing' holding you back? I know you want to make changes and you are more than ready to start living your dreams now but... you just don't know what the next step is!


I get it! Sometimes we simply require a helping hand to re-energise our momentum. A little assistance to start making decisions that are based on love rather than fear so we can create space for new possibilities.


So whether you've been working hard for a long time and just not seeing results or you just know you need to move but you don't know how to do it, then a tarot reading could be exactly what you need.


Combined with my exclusive Stages of Self methodology, a MellyS Mindset session promises to deliver real insights into your emotional & spiritual well-being along with actionable steps to give you the guidance you need to move forward once more.




Unlike other Tarot Readings, my sessions are built on the principles of Mentoring: by using my intuition, expertise in emotional intelligence, business & marketing acumen (and many many other skills) I can help you understand where you're stuck, why you're feeling that way, and, most importantly, what you can do about it NOW! This is more than just a woo-woo tarot reading. This is actionable mentoring. 

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Online session so you

can connect at a time convenient for you

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Downloadable video recording of your session

for later viewing

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Step-by-step written summary of your cards

for quick future reference

It's a convenient, uncomplicated process that takes under 90 minutes of your time, making it perfect for busy lifestyles. After our time together, you will get the clarity and revitalization you need to move forward confidently, but this experience can also help you to:

  • Uncover the source of your fears and heavier emotions

  • Discover what frequently holds you back and what steps you need to take to get unstuck next time

  • Find new paths towards the achievement of your wants, needs, desires & dreams 

  • Create a vision for where you want to be and what you want to do that is inspiring and realistic

Take action now and see how a MellyS Mindset Session can help you reenergize your momentum to move forward once more. 


We all get stuck and lost from time to time and those intense feelings of frustration, insecurity, uncertainty, and anxiousness can leave us struggling to overcome our circumstances and find solutions.

I have been there too! It was (many) experiences like this that prompted me to study self-help and emotions years ago. With my 10+ years Mentoring experience, intuitive insights, and background in emotional intelligence, I've developed a unique self-help methodology that guides you through a series of questions to get to the root of your innermost feelings (without getting lost them!) while providing actionable solutions to move you forward.


Together, with the straightforward ideas and messages moved toward you by the cards, my mastery of emotional intelligence ensures that you understand your feelings and how to navigate through them. By working together, you will be able to embrace the strength within yourself and use your own resources to get yourself unstuck again and again. I assure you that I will provide you with the actionable techniques you require so you can find re-energize your momentum once more. 

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Meet Melly

Melly Stewart is on a mission to make the emotional cycles we experience, on our journey to self-empowerment, normal. So that instead of fearing their power over us—we can embrace it and use its energy to fulfill our true potential in life, career, or business. 

Creator of the #1 Best-Selling emotional intelligence methodology, Stages of Self, Melly's passion is teaching people to express their true selves and live lives that are aligned with their inner power. Through her Online Community, Mentoring and Books, Melly supports hundreds of people every week on their journey to self-empowerment—helping them to stop tiptoeing around their wants, needs, desires and dreams and finally take the steps that will empower them to take charge of their life.

Since becoming a mother to a sensitive and strong-willed daughter, Melly’s resolve has only strengthened more as she has begun to see the generational impact of her work, playing out in real-time.

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With so many happy clients, amazing results and reviews, I have no doubts you will experience the same. I offer a 7-day money-back guarantee on your first MellyS Session because I am confident my Tarot Readings combined with the unique Stages of Self methodology can (and will) work for you. 

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  • 90 Minute Tarot Reading & Mentoring Session

  • Online Session so you can connect at a time convenient for you

  • Downloadable video recording of your session for later viewing

  • Step-by-step written summary of your cards for quick future reference

  • Revitalize & re-energise your momentum in life, career or business

  • Create actionable solutions while embracing the power within

  • 7-Day Money Back Guarantee


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