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Amplify Your Magic & Purpose with Stages of Self

Are you ready to embark on a profound journey of self-discovery, fueled by the flames of passion and purpose? Welcome to Stages of Self, a best-selling methodology that invites you to delve into the Four Empowerment Archetypes residing within us all.

As we go after what we want in life, we often find ourselves tiptoeing around our deepest desires, constrained by self-limiting stories that cast shadows on our path to success. We yearn to amplify our unique magic, to move through these inner stories so we can take aligned actions, but frequently find ourselves feeling confused and lost without a map to guide us.

Picture a world where responsible creation, self-love, courageous action, and crystal-clear intuition are not distant dreams but your birthright—a place where you no longer need to tiptoe around your wants, needs, desires, and dreams. It's time to rewrite the unconscious stories that have held you back and fully awaken the dormant potential within you.

Stages of Self is more than just a methodology; it's a transformative masterpiece inspired by the profound wisdom of Abraham Maslow's psychological health theory and Carl Jung's analytical psychology. This visionary framework transcends the ordinary as you rewrite those self-limiting stories, crafting them into tangible, actionable results, in life and business.

It's time to amplify your inner magic and create a life that is not just in alignment with, but a powerful expression of, your most empowered self. A life where your passion and purpose reign supreme.


The Book That Started It All

This is the story that our mothers didn’t know they had to teach us. The story that their mothers didn’t know they had to teach them. The story that has been forgotten over time and left generation after generation of women, chasing their tails trying to figure out what that ‘wrong’ feeling is within themselves.


Melly Stewart, known as The Story Collector, is a trailblazer with a visionary approach to personal and business growth. With a unique blend of personal development, business acumen, and digital marketing expertise she offers far more than a mere shift in mindset. Melly’s services extend a guiding hand to women navigating the complex and interconnected terrains of personal and business growth, providing support to align their inner stories with their actions for tangible results. 

At the heart of Melly's transformative work lies her best-selling methodology, "Stages of Self," a pioneering framework that unveils the four Empowerment Archetypes residing within us all. These archetypes take you on an extraordinary journey, where self-imposed limitations are redefined, stories seamlessly evolve into actionable strategies, and your inner magic is gracefully amplified.

As you embark on this transformative journey with Melly, you'll discover that your purpose is not just a destination but a way of life—an inner leader waiting to be awakened, a story of strength and passion longing to be told, and a legacy of lasting change yearning to become reality.

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Ready for Transformation?

Don't let fear and self-doubt hold you back any longer. Join our community of visionary women and start on the path to unlocking your full potential. It's time to transform your sense of self, rediscover who you are, and uncover your purposeful potential. It's time to stop holding yourself back. 

It's time to stop tiptoeing...

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